Anthony Smith
  1. Grew up Germany and Annandale, Virginia.
  2. Has an older sister who lives in Bremen, Germany and a younger sister who lives in Colorado.
  3. Earned mainly Bs and Cs in high school, but thinks he had ADHD because he was not very good at paying attention in school. But he was an avid reader and got by because he could read anything.
  4. Was and still is a soccer player and played soccer in high school as well as on the varsity team at JMU.
  5. Got his undergraduate degree from JMU and Master's degrees from George Mason University and Western Governor's University.
  6. Has lived in Germany, in Cyprus for two years, and Costa Rica for a year.
  7. Married to Renata and have two daughters, Ariana and Maya. Ariana is in her third year at UVA Law and Maya is in her last year at Eastern Mennonite University, majoring in Social Work. 
  8. Enjoys building things out of old wood, gardening, and playing soccer in his spare time.
  9. Has worked at every local high school and knows students need the opportunity to work with their hands, the opportunity to dig deeply into a topic that really interests them, and the opportunity to get a great paying job right out of high school. CATEC is that opportunity! He’s seen reluctant learners transform into energetic and motivated learners at CATEC. It's a magical place.
  10. When he retires he’s going to finish fixing up his old house, master Spanish, ride his bicycle around Ireland, and build a house in Costa Rica.