Stephanie Carter
  1. Grew up in Chase City, VA
  2. Has 2 brothers: one older and one younger.
  3. Did well in high school but could have been a better student.
  4. Played the trumpet for a bit, but chose to work after school very early on; had first job in a small gift shop at age 11.
  5. Went to Granville Community College, ECU, and Longwood University for college.
  6. Family moved to Charlottesville in 2011.
  7. Married to her husband Kevin for 21 years this month and has one child, Samantha.
  8. Enjoys cooking, working in her yard, walking/hiking in the woods, spending time with her family, and loves sitting around the fire pit this time of the year.
  9. Loves CATEC’s students and the opportunities provided to them at CATEC. For many of our students, we are their post-secondary plan. They can come to CATEC, earn a credential, learn the soft skills they need, and be ready to take on the world with NO STUDENT DEBT! The CATEC faculty and staff are also amazing.
  10. Hopes to travel, travel, travel explore the world when she retires.