Market Day

CATEC is excited to kick off its new partnership with Cultivate Charlottesville during its Market Day on October 22. On Market Day, CATEC students will have access to fresh, local produce along with recipes provided by CATEC's English class. 

CATEC's English 10 class is embedded within the Culinary Arts program. To make learning relevant to their curriculum, students create a blog that shares recipes. Recipes for this week include ingredients from the Market Day. Ingredients this month include green cabbage, collards, kale, spaghetti squash, peppers, and apples. CATEC students can walk away with fresh, local produce and recipes on how to prepare them at home. Check out the blog here:

Cultivate Charlottesville broke land last spring on CATEC's campus. Soil was tilled and a fence was put around the garden area. In the spring 2022, Cultivate Charlottesville will begin planting vegetables to share with the community. 

CATEC's Culinary Arts program will benefit from the locally grown produce. Culinary Arts students will be able to use the produce in the classroom, giving them exposure not only to the process of growing food from start-to-finish but also experiences working with new or different foods. Culinary Arts Head Chef and Instructor Josh Davis says, “We are striving to bring more knowledge about agriculture into our program." He says the Culinary Arts program will be able to incorporate the information into its curriculum to study how local habitats impact food production.