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Now you can study to become a certified healthcare professional at your own pace and within your schedule. The HOME HEALTH AIDE ONLINE program is offered by CATEC with interactive learning modules, 24/7 mentoring, learning exercises, labs, and a student portal with career resources. 


Home Health Aides provide assistance to elderly, disabled, ill, and mentally disabled persons who live in their own homes or in a residential care facility. Some Home Health Aides work with families in which a parent is incapacitated and small children need care. Others help discharged hospital patients who have relatively short-term needs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the Home Health Aide is projected to be the fastest growing occupation through 2024. Numerous job openings with excellent opportunities are expected. Job opportunities will be prevalent in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, home care, long-term care facilities, hospice and assisted living facilities. Home Health Aides can be in the form of paid employees who come into the home for a few hours a day or who live in the home full time or can be family members or friends of the resident. 


The Home Health Aide Program from CATEC program prepares students for a position as a Home Health Aide. Emphasis is on giving personal care in a client's home, communications, working with ill persons, basic human needs, eldercare, nutrition, special diets, and home management. Many different types of individuals require assistance in daily tasks, assistance with minor medical tasks, and companionship because they are ill, elderly, or disabled in some way, may be of any age, and live at home or in a home-like residential facility. Home Health Aides provide this assistance entirely or provide some of the care to allow family caregivers a respite. This course covers the following key areas and topics:  

  • Health care management and monitoring,  

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) ranging from bathing, dressing, eating, using the bathroom, housekeeping and laundry  

  • Medication reminders and/or management 

  • Recreational activities and companionship 

  • Security and transportation. 


  • Students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.  

  • Numerous national certification exams are available for students who complete this course including National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) Exam  


  • Describe long-term care in terms of the target populations, environment, care options 

  • Describe the physiological, psychological, and sociological changes related to aging 

  • Describe physical, cognitive, and social growth and development characteristics 

  • Describe memory care needs and options 

  • Explain proper procedures for infection control in a home or residential environment 

  • Perform basic housekeeping procedures and safety for residents, staff, and visitors 

  • Explain procedures and strategies for planning, purchasing, and serving food 

  • Explain the proper procedures for safely assisting an individual in activities of daily living 

  • Explain procedures for preventing fluid overload and dehydration 

  • Explain proper procedures for applying a variety of warm and cold applications 

  • Explain procedures involved in caring for individuals with special needs 

  • Describe effective and appropriate care of an individual who is dying 

  • Explain proper care for infants and children in the home or residential setting 

  • Explain how to assist individuals in a home or residential environment 

  • Explain common preoperative and postoperative care procedures 


  • 24/7 instructor support and course mentoring 

  • Student and instructor collaboration 

  • Engaging labs, student exercises, course videos and animated simulations 

  • Student pre and post assessments and online performance tracking 

  • National and state certification opportunities 

  • A secure Student Portal which includes: career guidance, resume writing and other career resources 


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