Mission of the CATEC Foundation

To assist the Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center in advancing career, technical and vocational education and training that supports businesses, professionals, and aspiring trades-people in Central Virginia.

To connect with local businesses and industries to help assure area training programs meet their needs.

To promote public education programs that provide career, technical and vocational training in Central Virginia, and ensure schools gain understanding of the needs of area employees.

To raise and administer scholarship, opportunity and other funds to both create and enrich educational opportunities, and support career training for local students, professional, and aspiring trades-people who need assistance while attending or in conjunction with the Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center.

To support and facilitate job placement for those completing public education programs in the trades

CATEC Foundation Board of Directors

  • Linda Seaman (Chair)

  • Richard Brewer (Vice Chair)

  • Brian Pinkston (Secretary)

  • Hosea Mitchell (Treasurer)

  • R. Madison Cummings, Jr.

  • Laura Duckworth

  • Eric Irizarry

  • Rudolph A. Beverly

  • S. John Waits

  • Peggy VanYahres