Telephone:  (434) 973-4461   ♦   Fax: (434) 973-4876


Name Title Phone ext. Email
Bosselman, Bruce Adult Ed and Apprenticeship Coordinator 69020
Gannon, Debbie Assistant Principal 69011
Keiser, Daphne Director 69018


Name Title Phone ext. Email
Boyd, Mary Lou Instructor: Certified Nurse Aide 69215
Brown, Karen Instructor:  Cosmetology 69101
Elliott, Bobby Instructor:  Fire Fighting 69216
Gardner, Mary Instructor:  EMT 69216
Goss, Tom Instructor: Culinary Arts 69104
Johnson, Paul Instructor:  Automotive Technology 69223
Maranuk, Patrick Instructor: Culinary Arts 69104
Moore, Ronald Instructor:  Auto Body 69222
Moxham, Mike Instructor:  Music Industry Technology (MRC) 979-5478
Panek, Megan Instructor:  English 69212
Puccio, Scott Instructor: Pharmacy Tech 69213
Trimmer, Sid Instructor:  Building Trades 69217
Voigt, Katrin Instructor: Dental Assistant 69213
Waller, Jacqueline Instructor: Cosmetology 69102
Whitehead, Garrick Instructor:  IT Academy 69105
Wyant, Constance Work Study Teacher 69102


Hall, MarlaineFinance and Budget

Name Title Phone ext. Email
Boatright, Lynn Special Educator (CHS) 69117
Chisholm, Leslie Administrative Asst/HR, Main Office 69013
Cooper, Patty Instructional Assistant 69220
Damoin, Kate Database Office Assistant 69105
Harlow, Wallace Custodian 69210
Harrison, Anne Administrative Assistant, Adult Ed 69021
Hottenstein, Kim Special Education/ELL 69016
Jay, Amanda Career Development Specialist/Coach 69016
Kirby, Jonathan Special Education Instructional Assistants TBA
Knight, Gregg Maintenance 69211
Martinez, Carlos Maintenance/Groundskeeper 69211
TBA Special Education Instructional Assistants TBA TBA
TBA Special Education Instructional Assistants TBA TBA
Tomlin, Shannon Career  Resource Coordinator 69115