Our motto is My School. My Choice. My Future.

CATEC is looking for a high school Nursing Assistant Instructor for the 2021-22 school year.

The Impact you will have:

In this capacity, you will have the opportunity to change the lives of local students from nearby high schools by sharing your expertise and teaching them about the work that you love.  In doing so, you will be directly contributing to the quality of the future workforce in your industry. In addition, you will also be helping the community by working with local employers to address what skills/training they need for their employees.  CATEC offers 12 programs with certifications and educational pathways leading to exciting careers.

What CATEC is:

The Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) is a regional technical education center that helps high school students and adults obtain the jobs they seek. Our centralized, unified career development program helps students develop strategic approaches to cultivating their careers.

CATEC houses two academies which offer educational and career pathways for students in partnership with post-secondary institutions and employers. Click here to read about the other programs that we offer. Students may qualify to receive industry certifications and credentials. These credentials are a valuable tool to gain full-time employment in growth industries with livable wages. Graduates also may continue their education utilizing the dual enrollment credits they received while in high school. Because we are jointly owned by the County of Albemarle and the City of Charlottesville, we serve students from both school divisions.

Click here to read more about CATEC’s mission and vision.

Who we are:

We are a small, close-knit staff of approximately 30 professionals who are committed to preparing our students for the workforce as we have been doing since 1973. We pride ourselves on being committed to our students and we work closely with area business partners. As a result, our students are ready to enter the work force when they graduate or they can use their training and certifications to pay for college tuition or pursue further training. Click here to see the list of who you will be working with.

What qualifications we need you to have:

  • a current, unrestricted Virginia License as a registered nurse

  • hold, be eligible for, or be willing to obtain a Virginia Collegiate Professional or Technical Professional licensure with an endorsement in the applicable subject area 

  • five years of experience as a registered nurse within the previous five years

  • at least one year of experience in the provision of long-term care facility services.  Such experience may include, but not be limited to, employment in a Nurse Aide education program or employment in, or supervision of, nursing students in a nursing facility or unit, geriatrics department, chronic care hospital, home care or other long-term care setting.  Experience should include varied responsibilities, such as direct client care, supervision, and education. 

  • completed a health occupations certificate or an Associate degree program from a regionally accredited institution in the teaching specialty area sought

  • must be a certified BLS CPR/First Aid Instructor associated with a training center (or be willing to obtain instructor certification before the school year starts)

This course is dual enrolled through PVCC and the instructor must meet those requirements (5 years of experience per VCCS DE Instructor Guide and BLS CPR/FA instructor for HLT 100).

If you need a VDOE provisional Technical Professional teaching license, you will have three years to take three mandated college classes that better prepare you to teach your area of expertise.

What you will be doing:

You will be working 200 days a year, 7.25 hours a day enriching the lives of local high school students who choose CATEC as an elective.  Students are here for 2.5 hours in the morning and then a second group comes for the afternoon block. You and the students will spend part of your time in the classroom and the rest in your “lab” – immersing themselves in the “hands-on experience” that is so vital to their training. Click here to view some of the Career and Technical Education competencies that your students will master. This class is dual enrolled with Piedmont Virginia Community College and the students will earn credit in Healthcare Technician, Medical Terminology, Nutrition, and CPR/First Aid. As part of the team, you will be teaching CPR/First Aid to several other Dual Enrollment classes at CATEC.

This course emphasizes the study of nursing occupations as related to various health care systems. Students study body systems and disorders, basic nursing skills, study of human growth and development, first aid, nutrition, simple body structure, medical terminology, microbes and disease, vital signs and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students also learn about bathing, feeding, dressing, and transporting of patients in hospitals and nursing homes. This course prepares students to take the Virginia state board exams to be a certified nurse aide (CNA). Click here for more details about the class in our Program of Studies.

We have found that the instructor drives enrollment. Because CATEC courses are electives, students choose to come here. Every instructor participates in recruiting events such as CATEC’s Open House, local Career Fairs, and hosting perspective students. This would include both events held during work hours occasionally and 3-5 curriculum fairs (per year) at the base high schools after instructional hours. Participation in competitions such as SkillsUSA is encouraged; we actually host the district competitions every 3 years.

What responsibilities you will have:  Click here to read the job details.

You will also:   

  • hold a minimum of two advisory council meetings a year

  • schedule and implement state board testing yearly

  • serve on school-wide committees

  • prepare for Board of Nursing review every 2 years (on non-review years, you must file paperwork sent by the Board)

  • schedule and supervise students for clinicals (40 hours) at a local nursing home

  • supervise part-time instructors for skills labs and clinicals

  • order and maintain all supplies

  • act as our school nurse when necessary

  • teach Workplace Readiness classes

Why you will want to work here with us:

  • We pay based on your years of experience, education, and qualifications; this is in accordance with the Albemarle County Schools teacher pay scale. 

  • We offer the same great benefits package that Albemarle County does.

  • You will follow a teacher’s schedule which means summers and holidays off. Click here to see the current Albemarle County School Calendar. 

  • We are committed to the concept of life-long learning and professional development. You will have plenty of opportunities to enhance your skills and competencies. We have monthly staff meetings and Professional Learning Community meetings 2-3 times a month; both provide chances to collaborate and support one another.

  • No two days are ever the same.

  • Your students receive relevant/CATEC specific Career Development training while they are here so that they are able to market the skills and training you’ve taught them.

  • If you are a retired Nursing Aide instructor with a current VDOE license, you may be qualified as an instructor in a “critical shortage” area.

This is what one of our graduates had to say about their training at CATEC:

“I will tell you, CATEC played a big part in where I’m at today. Making the decision to attend CATEC was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. It is the school that helped shape my career, absolutely.”

Michael Lynch, Director of Plant Operations ~ Poplar Springs Hospital

Do you want to join our staff?

Please apply using this link to the Albemarle County Human Resources’ job openings page.

The position will be open until filled. If you have the qualifications we are looking for, you will be contacted for an interview. Feel free to contact Leslie Chisholm 434-973-4461 ext. 69013  or chisholm@k12albemarle.org (anytime) if you have questions.