Student Support at CATEC


CATEC offers student support and counseling to families as they transition into CATEC programs. Working as a liaison between base schools, students, and families, our school counseling provides mental, emotional, and academic support. 

Mrs. Wilson's Virtual Office and Resources

Click here to visit Ms. Wilson's virtual office. Most icons you click on will link you to resources. 

Calming Room

We all need a break some time and finding healthy outlets to relieve stress is important. The Calming Room has many different links for you to look at from meditation and yoga to making your own ambient noise soundtrack for relaxation. 

Appointment Request Form

If you would like to meet with Ms. Wilson, fill out this form and she will set up a zoom meeting with you. 


Mrs. Potts provides support to English-as-a-second-language families. She helps with academic support, provides assistance with translation and documents, and works as a liaison between families and schools. 

This link provides a translated version of CATEC's Student/Parent Handbook.

This link provides a translated version of CATEC's Student Accident Insurance Information.

Career Development Students


Embedded in every trade class, CATEC’s unique Career Development and Workplace Readiness program offers opportunities for students to link their technical skills to their emerging professional skills. Career Development lessons push students to develop personal branding strategies to market themselves as they prepare to enter the workforce. Students develop strategies for launching their careers by creating individualized portfolios that include personal marketing material such as industry-specific resumes and job interview preparation. Students graduate from CATEC having had at least one job interview experience. Workplaces readiness lesson plans are embedded into trade classes, navigating students through valuable soft skills training. Using the Virginia Department of Education’s 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills for Commonwealth as a guide, students work through lessons that explicitly teach soft skills such as work ethic, integrity, teamwork, and writing and speaking skills. Visit CATEC's Career Development Website for more information.